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Nitesh Pant

Fitness Coach


“Be Fit & Win” Fitness is now my mandatory lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2009, since then I have been practicing a healthy lifestyle. Deep interest in my diabetic condition and to find the root cause of this condition, I dived into the fitness sector. My further fitness journey started after completing Cet III & IV in Fitness in 2018. Working in different GYM’s with the Fitness professionals from Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia & Northern Territory, and under the supervision of my doctors, I have kept myself updated and connected with all the health information that is required to upskill my knowledge. I have successfully overcome my fear of Diabetic condition after participating in ICN Qld 2019 in the 40+ category. It made me realise that if you feed your mind with positivity and connect yourself with positive people and the environment, then nothing is impossible. My goal is to share my experience and motivate people to not only change their health and appearance but also to adopt a positive mindset. I believe regular exercise, a healthy & nutritious diet, a positive mindset, discipline, and gratitude are the key components for a healthy lifestyle. Please contact me to start your fitness journey together to achieve well-being and take control of your precious health.



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