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HIIT or high-intensity interval training involves quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short rest periods. Keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time while also being fun and in a group environment.

FIT MUMS is designed for all mums with one or more children and there are no age restrictions. The class is held in a spacious indoor gym and involves strength including boxing, skipping, jogging and working with resistance

EVEREST is a brand new class that is cardio-focused. The class involves multiple stations increasing work time, then decreasing work time over the workout. Test your cardio capacity. Gain strength and endurance and burn a heap of calories.

Train like a warrior. You’ll move just the way your body’s been designed. Keeps your heart rate up and burns fat while also being fun and in a group environment.

Ideal for anyone and everyone! STRENGTH BALANCE is a resistance based class that will improve your overall fitness while allowing you to also work on your core and stability. Perfect for older members.

Fusion is fusing two or more types of exercise together to make you work twice as hard. You get double the benefits, anywhere from fitness and endurance to flexibility and mobility, anything and everything involved in exercise is improved in some way by Fusion.